Design Genius: Los Angeles Episode 211:00
Life in the 1940’s is like having picnics with your young army lad and sending him off with a pin-up photo of you to remember. Put all these elements together and you have a 1940’s Pin-up Outfit made from items inside your picnic basket! The battle is on for the second set of designers. Find out who will end up as war heroes and who will be dismissed from service.
The In Thing11:30
Captivating a complete fusion of fashion, beauty, wellness and celebrations in an ultimate revolution of wide – ranging style that showcased an array of sensational trends in glamorous concepts and luxurious lifestyle!
In the Spotlight12:00
We head to Morocco and Dubai to bring you the most glamourous fashions––straight from the Middle East.
19:00No Grey Skies
19:30The In Thing
20:00Ready-to-Wear: The Maximalist
20:30Design Genius: Los Angeles Episode 2
21:00Design Genius: Los Angeles Episode 2
21:30Fashion Focus
22:00Eco Fashion Season 4 Episode 4
22:30In the Spotlight
23:00Ready-to-Wear: Black and White
23:30Ready-to-Wear: The Maximalist
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  • <i>Next Airtime: February 28, 2018 01:00</i><br><br>An episodic take on Ready-to-Wear, dissecting the apparent elements of ready-to-wear collections presented on the runway. From oversized bomber draped over a crop top, to a mix and match of layers for a perfectly put together outfit, learn the art of layering and the play of proportions essential to looking street-chic and put together as we take a look into this season’s ready-to-wear fashion.