• <i>Next Airtime: February 25, 2017 23:00</i><br><br>Making food 'fashionable' is no easy task. On this season of 'Fashion On A Plate', we're taking you to the most exciting restaurants from around the world. From Poland to Singapore, top chefs are creating some the most daring dishes, showing us their ingenuity and creativity. Turning simple ingredients into culinary couture.
  • <i>Next Airtime: February 26, 2017 23:00</i><br><br>In this episode, we kick off this season with 3 of the leading agencies in the world - D'Vision Model Management Warsaw, Elite Model Management Miami, and Touché Models Amsterdam. Check out how the likes of Cindy Crawford, Anja Rubik and Alexandra Madar got started as well as how an agency that produced two of the Top Model franchises run its empire.
  • <i>Next Airtime: February 26, 2017 00:30</i><br><br>A feature on the best Autumn/Winter looks from around Africa.
  • <i>Next Airtime: February 28, 2017 21:59</i><br><br>The most innovative fashion shows and immersive fashion featuring futuristic, surreal and otherwise out-of-this-world design concepts.
  • <i>Next Airtime: February 28, 2017 00:30</i><br><br>A docu-series showcasing a day in a life of a model. Learn about their experiences and life on the runway with a collection of interviews from models around the world.