• <i>Next Airtime: April 30, 2017 00:30</i><br><br>A colorful weekend devoted to designers and labels who are known for their lively collections.
  • <i>Next Airtime: April 30, 2017 05:00</i><br><br>A special feature of  the best, famous and most extravagant runways and events from seven of the biggest regions across the globe, giving you a sweeping fashion soiree experience all the way from Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Russia.
  • <i>Next Airtime: May 02, 2017 00:30</i><br><br>A docu-series showcasing a day in a life of a model. Learn about their experiences and life on the runway with a collection of interviews from models around the world.
  • <i>Next Airtime: May 07, 2017 00:30</i><br><br>A weekend devoted to pampering one's self - a discovery of the most advanced and sought after wellness trends focused on promoting natural beauty through the wonders of spa treatments, different yogic practices and more.
  • <i>Next Airtime: May 14, 2017 00:30</i><br><br>We're heading to beauty counters around the world for an exclusive look at the latest products, trends and more.
  • <i>Next Airtime: May 16, 2017 00:30</i><br><br>A news rundown of the hottest menswear trends from the runways and on the streets straight from the world's highly anticipated fashion events.
  • <i>Next Airtime: May 21, 2017 00:30</i><br><br>A feature centered on the beauty of extravagance and all things fine, showcasing the best of high-end clothing and all sorts of designers’ accessories, bags, shoes and many more.
  • <i>Next Airtime: May 23, 2017 00:30</i><br><br>A breakdown of signature styles and brand specialties that are visible on most, if not all collections of designers and brands. Discussing general or common design aesthetic a certain designer or label is known for.
  • <i>Next Airtime: May 28, 2017 00:30</i><br><br>There's no party quite like a fashion party, and we've got your invitation to the best of the best.
  • <i>Next Airtime: May 30, 2017 12:30</i><br><br>In this episode, we kick off this season with 3 of the leading agencies in the world - D'Vision Model Management Warsaw, Elite Model Management Miami, and Touché Models Amsterdam. Check out how the likes of Cindy Crawford, Anja Rubik and Alexandra Madar got started as well as how an agency that produced two of the Top Model franchises run its empire.
  • <i>Next Airtime: May 31, 2017 00:30</i><br><br>Impressions on the spring/summer pantone and the season’s renegade trends combined for an exclusive feature of timeless styles that stayed season after season.